Nugraha’s Quotes

I am blameless before God. Not because of what I have accomplished, but because Jesus’ finished job on Calvary


Why does the devil lie? Because he can’t devour anyone. He can only attack those who believe he has power over us.


One of the reason we need to read the Bible is to know what’s in store for us, free and good. To know what is included in the package of salvation.


It is sad when teachers of the Word teach that we are still under the Law. But it is a great misery when some preachers teach that we are under some selected law according to their needs, plus their self made law. And it is happening.


Satan would erase grace if he could. But he can’t, so he uses legalists and preachers to put us in – haven’t won yet- position, to put us under bondage again.


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  1. Yayang says:

    your quotes are great

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